Welcome, let us help you make your dreams a reality.  

IDACAMPER specializes in building lightweight, durable, 4-season campers that are 100% custom built to your specifications. No need to settle for “customizing” a base model. If you can dream it we can build it.

Start dreaming with these designs and concepts.

Flatbed model.  Based upon the original prototype.  This unit is easily loaded and unloaded onto a flatbed pickup in order to keep the utility of the truck,  Lightweight, fully insulated, and finished to your spec.

Portable Living Pod model.  Intended to be transported via flatbed truck or trailer, and unloaded on site.   Live in one while you build your home on that remote property, use it for a hunting cabin, etc.  Short term or long term use, the possible uses are nearly endless.

Poptop hardside offroad teardrop trailer.  Super light weight, fully insulated, full kitchem, and room for two.  This concept is looking to be the focus of our next prototype, so keep an eye out for it on the road in the near future!

Insulated baja shell.  Super light weight, fully insulated, and completely empty.  Keep it modular or build it out yourself, you decide!  This concept is shown with a load rack, double doors, and features a complete belly to remain water and weather tight.

Cab-chassis model, intended for semi-permanent installation.  Are you pulling the plug and looking to spend some serious time on the road? If so, this configuration might be for you.  Lightweight, fully insulated, and custom built for your application.

Fleetside pickup slide-in.  Similar to a traditional camper, this camper can be easily loaded and unloaded onto your truck using the stock bed.  Fully insulated, finished to customer spec.