Consultant Services

Are you considering building your own custom camper, RV or expedition vehicle? IDACAMPER can help!

Many people who consider such a project have the drive and skills to do so, but unforeseen complications often sideline or end such a project. Online forums, and friends with technical knowledge can help you negotiate some of these pitfalls. However, these sources often fail to provide the in depth information you need to get the job done right the first time.                                               

This is where IDACAMPER comes in.

With a life time of experience in custom home and automotive builds, and having built the prototype for IDACAMPER, Kenny can help you navigate any technical issue that comes your way. From components and structural techniques for your build, to appliance selection and finishing touches, you will get insider knowledge that will help you finish your project correctly, the first time.

The first phone consultation is free. During this call Kenny will help you with any problem you currently have and will help you decide if you want or need additional help. If you decide you need additional assistance you can choose to pay the hourly rate for a few additional hours of consultation, or negotiate a monthly (or longer contract) which will ensure that you have access to his knowledge and expertise for a set length of time.

Want to save time on the research phase of your project?

Kenny can investigate specialty products or procedures and will supply you with a report of the best options for you build. The same consultation fees apply.

Do you have a general idea of what you want to build, but no idea of the details needed to make it look and function at peak performance?

Kenny is able to provide you with design services for the structural, interior, and systems layout of your build. This type of consultation comes standard with 6 months of consolation time allowing you to be confident in your build knowing that you will have an expert’s knowledge base only a call or email away.

Save time, money, and ensure that your build turns out to be your best build yet.

Contact Kenny at IDACAMPER today!