Camper Comparison


What sets IDACAMPER apart from the competition? 


On the open highway, or on the trail, weight is always a concern. Heavy campers cause more wear to the vehicle doing the hauling or towing, reducing fuel mileage and adding otherwise un-needed maintenance cost to your travels. On average, an Idacamper weighs upwards of 15% less than comparable models. This provides a clear financial advantage allowing you to go further, and longer, on less. 15% less.


Well Insulated

A true 4-season camper must be well insulated.  While other 4-season camper builders use poorly insulated honeycomb core panels for construction, or economic expanded polystyrene (EPS) block foam insulation, Idacamper uses only high quality extruded polystyrene (XPS). The R-value of XPS foam is 120% greater than that of a traditional honeycomb core, and 43% greater than that of EPS block foam.  This translates to a much more comfortable camper in all temperatures, and a marked reduction in energy/fuel usage to heat and cool the camper.


Intelligent Design

Unlike elsewhere in the industry, Idacamper is a true custom camper builder.  Idacamper does not work from base models, nor are there standard packages for options.  What you want is truly what you get.  Being 100% custom tailored to your needs and desires allows the camper to be designed and built without options you don’t need.  More of what you want, less of what you don’t, and built in a way to best serve your unique requirements.


Built to Last

We build to standards well above the traditional camper industry. Most of today’s campers are built using aluminum, fiberglass, or honeycomb core panels. All of these options have seams. These seams are prone to failure if not maintained. Based on proven custom boat building techniques, Idacamper’s mono-shell construction uses a combination of fiberglass  and epoxy coated marine grade panels to ensure a long lasting, maintenance free unit. If these methods are good enough to keep boats afloat on the open water they should be more than adequate to provide the all weather durability needed in a 4-season camper. We won’t cut corners to save a dollar; everything will be built right the first time and built to withstand any and all weather conditions on the planet.